Before using the jQuery noConflict () methods

Ensure that your slider, lightbox, message scroller etc. plugins  function individually before placing them on the same page. Check that you are not calling the same jQuery library twice. Also, If you are are using two jQuery plugins that use two different libraries why not check to see if both will function from a common library. This is good practice, and can easily be tried by just calling one library and changing the release numbers. Remove your jQuery calls and replace them with this line

<script type="text/javascript" src="">< /script>


Substitute the release number 1.3.2 with the following release numbers and test your applications after each substitution.

1.4.2   1.4.4   1.5.1   1.5.2   1.6.1   1.6.2   1.6.4   1.7.1

Before changing your script(s) to noConflict, please read through the information on this page to eliminate other items that may be a contributing factor to the malfunction of your site.

jQuery Malfunction?

Many of us use jQuery without even knowing how it works or how to write jQuery code. We just copy and paste jQuery into our web pages and we dont stop there. Sometimes we also use MooTools and prototype.js, and Webplus itself also uses jQuery. When some of these are mixed on our pages that's when the problems can occur.


The plugins work perfectly on their own but when you add another javascript framework plugin they can start to conflict and not function, either totally or partially. This can happen with just two jQuery plugins that use different libraries.


Webplus X5 in some instances seems to be problematic between the light box and sliders e.g Nivo, as recent forum posts have indicated.